Turf Pool The turf pool is situated on the A5 just a few hundred yards from the Turf Pub. The pool has a locked gate at the top of the drive requiring a key for access, providing a safe parking area in close proximity to the pool. Keys can be gained from your local tackle shop along with your membership cards.
Turf Pool
Calfheath Resevoir Calf Heath Reservoir is a mature lake constructed around 1964 to help maintain water levels in the Staffs and Worcester canal. The reservoir is 19 acres in size and has 80 well constructed and maintained pegs.
Calfheath Resevoir
Kingswood Lake Kingswood Lake is the newest of the four lakes. It can be found at the back of the M6 Toll booth in Cannock and can be reached via the A5 or of the orbital by pass. Access to the pool is once again through a pad locked gate at the top of the drive which leads nicely down to a newly constructed car park next to the pool.
Kingswood Lake
Leacroft Pool Leacroft pool located just to the back of Sainsbury’s and is one of the smaller pools in only 2 acres but is still packed full of features. Due to its unusual shape the fish can be found in numerous places around the lake with the large weed beds being an obvious starting point. The weed on this lake can be very thick, growing to the surface at certain times of the year so please ensure adequate mainlines and safe rigs are employed.
Leacroft Pool