Club Update


Calf Heath Match Result 04/05/24

Although no big weights were taken in Saturdays sell out match the sport was still fairly good and there were several close weights.Gary Oliver secured his first Blackfords win with from peg 78 on the tins. Unusually for Gaz he opted for the pole and he caught steadily all day putting together an unassailable 35lb.  Second spot went to Dan Carter on peg 16 with 34lb 8oz also taken on the pole and but for several lost fish the outcome could have been different . John Cheetham fishing his first Blackfords match took third spot with a creditable 31lb 2oz from peg 55 on the point,  method feeder fished on 2 lines did the trick. Nev Bailey snr completed the frame with 26lb, drawn on peg 7 he caught several quality Bream on method feeder fished at 35m.

Section Winners….

John Burns.            25lb 12oz.         (Peg 5)

Dave Ridgeway.      22lb.                 (Peg 18)

Ashley Poxon.         16lb 1oz.        (Peg 38)

Greg Hulme.           11lb 4oz.         ( Peg 46)

Simon Twaddell.   18lb 14oz.        (Peg 56)

Paul Bucknall.        14lb 3oz.         (Peg 66)

Bob Allatt.               23lb 15oz.      (Peg 79)