Turf Pool

Brief description of fishery:

  • Size – 2.5 Acres
  • Depths 3ft – 6ft
  • Bottom – Silt, Some Gravel
  • Weed – Margins Only

The Turf Pool is a small idyllic pool with an island and many features such as lilies, reeds and weed beds. The pool is noted for its large head of carp which range from high singles to a respectable 20lb +. There is also a substantial head of silver fish with many quality bream and some Roach that were introduced a few years ago. The pool has easy access from the A5 near to the Turf Pub Island and has a locked gate for secure parking.


Turf Pool, Watling St, Cannock, near WS11 9ND

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Access & Parking


  • Carp
  • Bream
  • Roach