The Washery Pool

Brief description of fishery:

  • Size – 2.5 Acres
  • Depths 3ft – 4ft
  • Bottom – Silt, Some Gravel & Weed
  • Weed – Present around the lake

Recently acquired in 2022 this is the newest of the Blackfords waters, again this a smaller lake, that has been preserved as natural environment. Fishing the Washery comes with an element of the unknown, were aware that fish have been present for many years, however it could provide a surprise!  There is currently a good head of Tench, Perch & Pike that were in lake originally, in addition there have also been x100 carp stocked in the venue early 2022.

A bridge has now been built over the little stream, which now means you can get round the pool with a barrow/ carp porter. One peg/platform has now been constructed, with plans for eighteen more pegs to be completed by spring. There will be a work party Saturday 21st January 2023, to help to continue with the building of the platforms.

As you walk on to the pool from peg one, we now have improved the footpath from puddles of slippery mud to a path that has a timber edging and hardcore that has been compressed down to make a nice even surface. Not only improving the accessibility for anglers, but also improving the site access for the general public.


The Washery Pool as its now known is located near Burntwood, you will be able to access the pool from the Cannock Road, there’s a mini island, leading onto the Ring Road, this will take you to another mini island and you will see Cannel Road, please park sensibly and don’t park on the grass verge by the island. The nearest postcode is WS7 3JQ this should get you pretty close, the pool then is just a short walk. Please see location maps page for exact location.

Washery, Cannel Rd, Burntwood, near WS7 3JQ

If you are using the WHAT 3 Words app the location for the parking next to mini round about is


Access & Parking