Calfheath Reservoir

Brief description of fishery:

  • Size – 19 Acres
  • Depths 6ft – 14ft
  • Bottom – Gravel/Sand, Some Silt
  • Weed – Margins Only

Calf Heath is a mature picturesque reservoir which was constructed in the 1700’s, it’s around 19 acres in size and possibly the jewel in the Blackfords crown. There are 80 well constructed pegs providing a secure platform from which to fish. The reservoir is well known for its huge stocks of quality Bream backed up with a good head of Roach with some Tench and Perch. Carp stocks are also considerable with around a 1,000 fish in the low double range rising up to 20lb. Calf Heath is also a great match venue with events running each month, with regular weights of 50-60lb+ of silver fish being produced. If you’re simply looking to put a bend in rod then Calf Heath will take some beating. The reservoir can be located from the A5 on the west side of Cannock near J12 of the M6 – Gailey Island.

Safety Notice – Restricted No Fishing Area

This fishery is affected by – Overhead power lines.  These are located adjacent to and along the A5 roadway bank. Fishing from this bank (Dam Wall) is not allowed.

No assembled rods / lines are to be carried along this bank, and, baiting up is not allowed from this bank between and around the ‘No Fishing Notice Points’ (See Club rule 15).


Calf Heath Reservoir, Vicarage Rd, Cannock, near ST19 5PU

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Access & Parking


  • Bream
  • Carp
  • Roach
  • Perch
  • Tench