New Memberships Available Here Now!!!

You will be glad to here Blackfords memberships are available to purchase online now, please click on the link provided below (orange text). Its not compulsory, but we recommend using Google Chrome as your internet browser for optimal performance when purchasing memberships. Please don’t purchase multiple memberships on behalf of other members from your profile,.. read more →

31 Mar 2021
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Annual General Meeting

Given current Covid restrictions it has been necessary to cancel the planned and posted arrangements for our AGM. A new date will be notified to members as soon as is possible. In the meantime, essential club management decisions will be made by the BPAS Management Group on behalf of, and, in the best interests of.. read more →

Blackfords Memberships Online Only From April 2021

For the coming 2021/22 season we are making some significant changes to the way you purchase your Blackfords memberships, from next season you will only be able to purchase memberships online via the club website. Implementing these changes has many benefits for the both the club and the member, mainly around convenience and efficiency but in.. read more →

13 Jan 2021
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Blackfords Lakes Re-Open – 7th Jan 2021

Following our brief closure, we are really happy to hear that the government guidelines have been reviewed to once again allow pleasure fishing, this does however exclude night fishing and match fishing which are both currently not allowed. In light of the news, we are able to reopen our lakes with immediate effect, we would.. read more →

05 Jan 2021
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Turf Pool Restocking Nov 2020

In a year where good news has been hard to come by, were really pleased to announce, we have just stocked another x70 carp weighing around 6lb-7lb at the Turf Pool… As many of you will remember a few years back, we unfortunately suffered a significant fish kill at the Turf due to pollution entering.. read more →

26 Nov 2020
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Covid-19 Update Nov 2020

Given the announcement of the recent lockdown, I just wanted to drop a quick update on where we stand regards fishing. The latest news from the Angling Trust states that there is nothing in the new lock down rules that specifically prohibits fishing as recreational activities in parks and rural areas are still acceptable, they.. read more →

04 Nov 2020
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Carp Care – Important Notice!!

We appreciate we may have many new members this season, but regardless of your experience the responsibility of Carp Care and Fish Safety falls amongst us all equally, it’s imperative we all take upmost care to preserve the health well-being of our carp, ultimately this will ensure the longevity and prosperity of sport and future.. read more →

07 Jul 2020
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Blackfords Memberships Sold Out

Unfortunately due to this year’s unusually high demand we‘ve now sold out of Blackfords memberships for the 2020/21 season. We won’t now have further availability until next season which will start May 1st 2021, tickets will go on sale late April 2021. Sorry for any inconvenience, many thanks, Blackfords     read more →

29 Jun 2020
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Rule Updates June 2020

Following recent reports from our bailiff team we have decided to make 2 more rule adjustments which are both effectively immediately and have been put in place for a number of reasons… 1.  No pre-baiting at Leacroft (if your not fishing you shouldn’t be baiting up) - We have decided enforce this rule due to reports of excessive.. read more →

29 May 2020
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Blackfords Re-Opening Wednesday 13th May

You will be glad to hear that as from Wednesday 13th May Blackfords fishery will be reopening in accordance to the latest Covid19 advice issued by the government and recommendations made by the Angling Trust. Prior to fishing you must obtain a valid/signed membership for the current season, in my previous post I have detailed.. read more →

11 May 2020
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