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Work Completed On The Turf Pool.

As many of you will know we shut half of the Turf pool to carry out works on the overflow system to help clear it from years of build up of leaves and Silt. Gary was able to provide a mini digger which made light work of it. We have scrapped the top layer off the path to prepare the ground for a new path way, in the same style as the one created at the Washery Pool, boarded along the sides and wacker plated down to create a solid, long lasting path, hopefully improving the access all around the pool. Spencer also went and fetched some scaffolding boards which have been screwed to the existing bridge to help strengthen it.  While completing the path, Gary also relieved the pool of silt and leaves from around the margins making the margin slightly deeper which should aid with landing fish safely when the water levels are lower. Thirty ton of hardcore has been ordered which should be delivered mid week. The Turf pool will be shut on Sunday 14th January for us to continue the work on pathway. We understand that it can be frustrating for pools to be closed but this work will improve the overall access of the pool which everybody will be able to benefit from.