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Winter Stocking 2023


Blackfords committee have stocked two of the waters over this winter. The first pool that has been stocked is the Washery Pool, we have stocked 1240 roach at roughly 6 inch. This is to compliment the existing stock of Perch, Tench and Carp that already reside in the lake making a nice mixed species lake, the idea being the canal section of the pool is a perfect area to fish the pole, whip or waggler making it a good pool to learn, especially for younger anglers who are new to fishing, as well as pull the match angler on to the lake to build a mix bag of fish. Hopefully in the future we will see these fish breed with in the lake and multiply in numbers.

The roach were provided by John from Fishers Pond started in 1976, the business is by far the oldest business in the country, still producing and selling highly sought-after strain of carp and course fish. Most of the early commercial Match Fisheries were supplied by Fishers Pond along with most of the country’s canals and reservoirs. Nowadays most Big Fish venues are stocked with fish which originated their hatchery. 

If you would like to find out more about Fishers pond you can click the hyper link below:

The second lake to be stocked was Kingswood lake with another 25 carp that were also provided by Fishers Pond, another 25 scaly mirror carp, that have been chipped, treated and released into the lake hopefully to thrive and grow in to future monsters of the lake. If you notice on some of the carp is a sticker, this shows the I.D number of the fish, when a bailiff or committee member runs a scanner over the fish, this number is then shown on the reader. This helps the club in the prevention of fish theft as we are able to identify and prove the fish belongs to Blackfords. As well as keep track of the growth and weight on the fish. If you catch any of these fish please send your photos to us though Facebook or the website.