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As many of you know a few years ago we invested in a ton of pellet from BP milling to try a give the fish in Kingswood a boost over the winter. We have decided as a committee to order 1 ton of pellet from SW bulk feed, this are the Aller aqua pellet- Vitra Max. The plan is to spread 100kg between three pools, Turf- 25kg , Washery 25kg  and Kingswood 50kg per week. We are hoping to establish this as a house pellet. The ton will last us Ten weeks, we will then review the situation at the committee monthly meeting. Unlike last time we are giving members the opportunity to buy the pellet from the Kingswood container. If you speak to Tom, Dan, Spencer or Aarron, they will be able to sell you the pellet. They are available in 1 kg bags at £1.50 kg, which is half price to what you will pay at any local farm shop. Alternatively you can buy a 25kg sack for £30. We believe we are selling these cheap with the condition being the pellet is used only on Blackfords waters. Alternatively you can visit to order your own straight from supplier.

Many Thanks