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  1. A work party will take place on Sunday 20th August at Leacroft pool. This is to continue to cut and remove the lillies from around the pool. The pool will be closed from 8 to 5 on that Sunday. You can fish the night beforehand but please have your rods reeled in by eight in the morning . Some of the night wardens and some day members already started the work a few weeks ago, we made some progress however we learnt it was more effective to cut the lillies from the bank rather than the boat as the blade just kept getting clogged up with weed and stopped cutting the lillies. As a committe we know we have a problem with the weed and the lillies in the lake, we plan to create holes infront of the pegs to make pool fishable for the next few months. We understand this is only a short term solution and the committee are looking in to other solutions for the long term. Tom has ordered pairs of none cut gloves and a additional three cutters which means we are able to have five teams working around the pool as well as having two boats in the water clearing weed and pushing cut lillies to the bank, which then have to be removed by hand. If you would like to attend the work party please text me on 07807 400773, night wardens can let me know via the whats app group. If you have a pair of waders then could you bring those along as well as garden rakes.

Many thanks