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Carp Catch Reports

Winter in to Spring- Catch Report

With the temperature now starting to finally be a bit more settled and the day light hours becoming longer the fish around all the pools are starting to show. The Washery seems to be doing a few bites as its a shallow pool and will warm up quicker, much like the Turf. Kingswood is producing fish from around the tunnel area from pegs one, two and three as well as anglers who can reach that area from the pegs around the back in the high 40s. The 25 stockies that came from Fishers Pond and put in to Kingswood certainly are on the bait, been caught regularly and shows big gains in weight. A fish that Alan recently caught was stocked at around the 12 to 13 mark, Alan weighed it in at 17.02 showing a promising future for this stock of fish.

One message from the bailiff team – Please make sure you are locking the gate correctly behind you and spinning the numbers, the security of our pools depends on your co operation.