22 Apr 2022

Why the new rule

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Yes come May all members will have to have either an unhooking mat or cradle. Why the new rule some members ask as they don’t fish for carp. Maybe they need to tell the carp that as any bait in the water is libel to be picked up by any species that happens to come across it. With quality bream and tench in our waters all fish need to be given the protection an unhooking mat can afford┬áif caught and need to be placed on the ground whilst being unhooked. For just a few quid you can help your catch live its life to the full which in the case of Bream Roach and Tench can be up to 18 years and Carp can live up to 50 years plus. Looking after the fish stock shows what most anglers are, people who care for wildlife and the environment.

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