12 Oct 2020

Where’s the match?

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Kingswood is notorious for winter floods as the catchment extends from the old Leacroft Colliery site through to Heath Hayes down to Norton Canes and around to Great Wyrley, causing vast quantities of rainwater to enter the lake. Those of you who fish the lake in winter will know how the level can rise rapidly after a storm and over the last couple of years matches have been cancelled on occasions due to this. To overcome this happening this season, it was decided that if the contest could not be pegged out it would be transferred to Calf Heath, where regardless of rainfall the reservoir has enough pegs(82) to cater for both match and pleasure anglers. With 2 foot of extra water in the lake the contingency plan, which was explained at the AGM, was enacted. Half the reservoir was allocated for the match with 42 pegs available for pleasure angling. I dog walked the water during the match times and noted 7 pleasure anglers fishing, so there were more than enough pegs. The only ways that members can be informed that a match is to be relocated are by notices on ‘A’ boards at each end of the match length which get erected on Thursday’s prior to the contest or on the Peg allocation section of the Match fishing on our website(posted Friday evening), as not everyone is or wants to be a facebook member.                                                                                                                                                                                                    Remember to check out the website if the weather in the week prior to the Kingswood match is wetter than normal.

Enjoy and wrap up warm




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