21 Jun 2020

Whats in a name

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Love them or hate them our two largest waters, Calf Heath and Kingswood, are dominated by the vast bream shoals that mop up any food items that they find on their feeding routes. Dependant on size they are known by differing names, smallest ones called “blades” as they are very thin and can be caught close in with simple whip or waggler tactics. If they manage to avoid being eaten by Grebes or Gulls etc they are affectionally called small skimmers as they are skimmed over the waters surface when being reeled in, a few more feeds move them into the big skimmer bracket which can build up good weight during a days fishing. Now their bigger and darker they are called “slabs” when reaching the 3 pound and above size range, and will compete with carp for baits not intended for them. A few will grow on to become the real gems of any bream anglers wish list, “dustbin lids”, impressive fish of sheer size. So when asked what you’ve caught you can reel a list as long as your arm and keep a low profile smile at the same time, happy breaming.


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