17 Jul 2022

Well, I’ll be ‘damned’….its Justin Beaver!

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Screenshot_20220717-134942_GalleryWe’ll, sometimes things do still happen that can surprise us from time to time and we certainly got a pleasant surprise over the weekend when we received friendly visitor in the form a beaver!! Not exactly what you would expect to see on lake in Cannock, however as clear as day, it was a beaver roaming the banks at Kingswood lake, which I couldn’t resist calling him Justin (bad dad joke I know!!).

As it turns out there has been a reintroduction program in the UK in the past few years where beavers have been put back into the wild as they are believed to have a positive environmental impact such as reducing flood risks! The good news is, its definitely not an otter that could be harmful to fish stocks, instead beavers are completely harmless. The local authorities have been notified and we are expecting to speak to them next week to get more information about how its got here and any thing we may need to consider. In the meantime, if you do see it, don’t be concerned simply allow it to go about its business and admire from a far.

See below a link to the video of the sighting of the Kingswood beaver, which is good because if we didn’t have this ‘gnaw-one’ would of believed it (sorry I couldn’t help it, last beaver joke I promise!)

Click the link below to see the video



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