10 May 2019

Turf Pool Update May 2019

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I realise its been nearly 5 months since the last update regards the Turf Pool so I thought I would post a very brief update to let you all know how the pool is progressing…

Without going back into the full detail of what happened last year, we ended up closing the Turf Pool at the the advice of the EA, following a local sewage leak that unfortunately found its way into the the Turf Pool killing most of the fish.

5 Months on and the lake is still closed to all members, in March we held a work party to introduce 20+ bales of Barley straw, the good news is that the oxygen levels have stabilised and returned to a normal level, the remaining issue is the ammonia level and while this is still higher than we would like its has certainly begun to reduce.

The water quality results are promising and are heading to the right direction, we will keep monitoring the situation once we feel the water is safe for restocking, a sample stocking will be introduced later this year to see if there is any negative impact, providing all goes well here we will then look arrange a stocking program to get the lake back up and running.

For now, we really appreciate our members patience and understanding with this matter, the pool is making steady progress and we will hope to share more positive news in the coming months.

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