18 Dec 2018

Turf Pool Update Dec 2018

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Following the devastation that occurred at the Turf Pool a few months back I wanted to give members an update of whats happened since I last posted and where the club currently stands with the pool…

By now I’m sure most of you will be aware that the Turf Pool was polluted by raw sewage entering the lake following a ruptured sewage pipe line in the local area, this happened quickly and was unforeseen and despite the quick response and tireless efforts of the EA & Seven Trent the effects have been devastating to lake.

Very quickly we realised the severity of the issue with large numbers of fish dying within hours of the event happening, as days past more and more fish continued to perish due to severely low oxygen and very high ammonia levels. During the first 2 weeks the EA and Seven Trent were fantastic, they couldn’t of done more for us to help salvage the lake and the fish, sadly as time has gone on the scale of impact has been revealed.

The EA & ST have removed almost all of the sliver fish, as the vast majority died pretty early on, they also removed 186 dead carp from the venue, they have recently carried out scanning & netting of the lake to asses what, if anything still remains alive. It seems that following their assessment most of the slivers are dead with maybe the odd fish alive and miraculously they found 30 carp still alive, who knows how they survived!!

Despite finding a few fish still alive, the EA have given us some feedback/recommendations how we best progress over the coming months…

  • Don’t fish the lake until further notice as the surviving carp will still be vulnerable
  • Introduced barley straw to absorb some of the pollution and help stabilise the water quality
  • Hold off re-stocking the lake until the water is safe, they advised Summer 2019, however this will mean no stocking until Winter 2019

Unfortunately this means the road to recovery for the Turf Pool wont happen for sometime, however we feel the need to stress that we are 100% committed to returning the pool to its former glory and make improvements where possible in the process!!

With the Turf Pool temporarily being out of action, we would kindly ask for our members patience and understanding while we do what we can to rejuvenate the lake, in the meanwhile we have another 3 lakes that all provide fantastic fishing with a variety of fish, despite being a lake down we still have plenty to offer everyone!

I would also like to thank those who have offered their support and assistance, its much appreciate by all.

We will keep you all posted with any future updates.

Many Thanks

Blackfords Team


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