26 Nov 2020

Turf Pool Restocking Nov 2020

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In a year where good news has been hard to come by, were really pleased to announce, we have just stocked another x70 carp weighing around 6lb-7lb at the Turf Pool…

As many of you will remember a few years back, we unfortunately suffered a significant fish kill at the Turf due to pollution entering the water, we then had to wait at least 12 months before re-stocking could start. Last Winter we stocked x80 carp, which have grown on quite a lot in that time, many are now 12-13lb, additionally we stocked quite a few silver fish and some Tench and then this year we introduced another 70 C3′s (3 yeas old) carp supplied by Fishers Pond.

Hopefully this will go some way to getting the stocking levels back to where they were and in a few years time, I’ve no doubt they will all significantly increase in size too. Please see below images of some of the carp stocked recently…

Thanks Blackfords

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