29 Nov 2019

Turf Pool Restocking Nov 2019

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We are really pleased to announce that we’ve recently started the re-stocking program at the Turf pool follow the devastation the lake suffered Oct 2018…

The EA very kindly offered to support our fishery, supplying us with a variety of course fish, free of charge to help the regeneration of the fish stocks and to return the fishing back to its previous standard.

Long term we have a plan to restock all species in the lake, however this initial stocking comprised of the following…2,500 Roach, 500 Rudd, Bream 2,500, Tench 600, all fish stocked were from the EA’s breeding facility and were of a very high quality (please see a few pictures below).

In addition we have 70 carp on order which are around 4-5lb in weight, these will be delivered in the next few weeks, once these have been introduced we will keep an eye on how the fish/lake progresses before any more decisions are made on further stockings.

In summary, its good news for the Turf, its already starting to fish well, please get yourselves down there and give it a go!



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