12 Jul 2019

Turf Pool Now Open!!!

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Its been a long time coming, but we are very happy to announce that the Turf Pool is now once again open to our members for fishing. It seems a long time since events that devastated the lake, however the water quality has now recovered with both oxygen and ammonia levels back to normal. There are still quite a few carp present and clearly visible on warm sunny days. we do have plans later in the year to introduce more fish to increase the numbers of fish in the pool of Tench, Bream & Carp.

The management team have been down the pool and spent time carrying out work to make the pegs fishable and easily accessible, so please feel free to get back down the Turf and starting fishing, one thing we would ask is that anglers please keep baiting to normal levels, obviously the water quality has only just recovered and we dont wish to do anything to set the lake backwards or jeopardise the fish still present.

Happy angling, finally back to 4 lakes, we will keep you posted with restocking plans!


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