• Size – 2.5 Acres
  • Stock – 140 Commons & Mirrors 50/50
  • Average size – 8lb – 12lb, Upto 22lb
  • Depths 3ft – 6ft
  • Bottom – Silt, Some Gravel
  • Weed – Margins Only

The turf pool is situated on the A5 just a few hundred yards from the Turf Pub. The pool has a locked gate at the top of the drive requiring a key for access, providing a safe parking area in close proximity to the pool. Keys can be gained from your local tackle shop along with your membership cards.

While the Turf pool is only 2.5 acres in size it is packed full of features, with an island, reed lined margins and lilly pads, all providing fish holding features. All pegs around the pool offer good features to fish to, with depths ranging from 3-6 feet. The pool has predominantly a silt bottom but some gravel areas can be found. The pegs are bivvy friendly and offer plenty of room for all your gear. There are two posts in the lake marking fishing areas and with the island being the major feature on the pool and fishable from many pegs please be courteous to your fellow anglers.
With a healthy stock of common and mirror carp averaging 8-15lb, and several fish reaching over 20lbs in weight, there is plenty of sport to be had.
Fishing tight to the island under the tree canopy can prove very effective, as can fishing tight to the lilly beds and margin reeds. A quality boillie fished with a small mesh pva bag of crushed boillie or pellet can prove very affective. Sweet corn, luncheon meat and other more traditional baits may also be worth a try if things prove a little tough. Larger beds of bait will also work if fishing for a longer period but Spodding should be kept to a minimum as the fish may move off the disturbance.