05 Jun 2020

The Black Death

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I’m talking cormorants, those fish eating pests that have caused us loads of problems over the past few years. Thinking ahead to winter we would like to deploy some mannequins, scarecrows etc to help deter those birds from using the reservoir as a prime source of food. Members who fish the winter months know we use a gas powered bird scarer but this only goes off occasionally, so having dressed up dummies around the water may give us an extra arrow in our bow so to speak. I know its not a thing most people have in the back of their shed but if you do and want shut of it I’ll gladly take it off your hands

A question often asked is what’s the best weather to go fishing, the answer is an easy one. There are two weather types good for fishing, 1 When its rainingĀ  2 When it ain’t. Sounds about right ay.






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