05 May 2017

Recent Blackfords 20′s

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Alex 25lb Leacroft April 2017 (Cut Tail)There have been a few 20lb+ carp out around our lakes recently to report on which is always great news for the fishery and a clear sign that the fish are is now really on the munch…

Alex 22lb 12oz Leacroft April 2017

Firstly Alex from Cannock Angling had a great little session on Leacroft recently landing two different 20′s with this cracking 25lb mirror known as cut tail pictured on the left and another stunning 22lb 12oz mirror pictured to the right. Alex may draw the odd blank at Calfheath but seems to have got knack up at leacroft! Well done mate great result!

23lb 8oz Alex Warnsby Leacroft April 2017The┬ásecond capture to note was from another Alex…Alex Warnby who has also been spending sometime up Leacroft of late, well his efforts were rewarded with this stunning 23lb 8oz common (shown left) which is another one of the lakes residents that seems to be growing steadily. We also had Tom Ponder on hand to chip this fish! Well done Alex cracking fish!Richard Coles 20lb 1oz Kingswood April 2017 1

Finally but not least we have Richard Cole, shown to the right who recently landed this new 20lb 1oz carp from Kingswood, this fish was chipped back in July 2016 at a weight of just over 17lb so its shown excellent growth in a very short period of time! Well done Rich again another great result!!

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