30 Aug 2021

Please Avoid Death Rigs!! Do Not Use!!

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IMG-20210828-WA0005One of our bailiffs recently retrieved a dead fish from one of our lakes and on closer inspection it still had a rig and an fixed method feeder attached to the fish! Due to the way the rig has been set up, commonly known as a ‘death rig’ (for good reason!!!) this fish has unfortunately perished, something that could of easily been avoided if a safer set up had been used!

This particular feeder set up is fixed to the mainline via a swivel, meaning if the line breaks the feeder wont come free of the line and the fish is left trailing the feeder which will inevitably lead to the death of the fish. Please do not tie feeders, leads or leaders directly onto your main lines via a swivel, there should never be a swivel tied to your mainline above a feeder, a lead or at the end of a leeder! Swivels tied to mainline always indicative a fixed or ‘death rig’!

There are lots of safer set ups that can be used that are equally as effective! In this example an inline method feeder or a running feeder set up would of been preferable, with both of these, when the line breaks the feeder simply slides of the mainline, the fish then is only left towing a hooklink and in most cases the fish will survive and the hook will eventually come out naturally.

Please keep this in mind when fishing for carp also, no swivels at the end of leaders or leads tied to the mainline, the lead must always be able to pass over the end of a leader or mainline in the event of a break off.

Ongoing can we ask all members to avoid using ‘fixed’ feeder or lead set ups, these aren’t in the best interest of our fishery and the welfare of our fish!

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