27 Mar 2017

New Blackfords Carp Record…33lb 8oz!!!

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The Big Common 33lb 8oz John Startin March 2017 (5)At long last the Big Common at Leacroft has been caught, there has been a long list of anglers chasing this common of late and nearly 9 months have past since its last capture, so you may say it was due!

On Friday 24th March at around 8pm John Startin finally netted Leacrofts jewel, John is one of many anglers that have devoted much of his time on the bank in pursuit of this particular carp and after landing many of Leacrofts other residents he finally got the one he wanted!

The Big Common 33lb 8oz John Startin March 2017 (1)After receiving a call committee members Tom Ponder & Phil Russell both visited the lake to verify the fish weight and also micro chip the carp. John was good enough to re-weigh the carp with the committee guys present and the scale tipped an impressive 33lb 8oz, a new PB for John and a new lake record for Leacroft!

We were really pleased for John, who was still buzzing the day after, the carp is still healthy, in perfect condition, still growing and we were able to get the biggest carp we have micro chipped, not a bad result at all!

Finally just like to say well done to John, nice to see someone’s perseverance pay off…well deserved!

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