21 Aug 2020

Never rains but

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Yes it pours. Its been a hectic few days on the Blackfords front, first most of the flytip as gone thanks to the group of volunteer members who turned out and loaded most of it into a skip and waved it goodbye. This was followed at the weekend by the match fishing record being blown sky high by young Nev Bailey Jnr with his Kingswood lake 4 net busting catch(see match report). On to the next weekend and Leacroft received a visit from our lilly squad who spent a few hours and removed quite a pile to enable easier access to fishable areas, whilst back down the road at Kingswood Pavel has been busy cutting back reeds as heavy rains and strong winds had caused pegs to become blocked off.Just to finish the week off a silver birch as been uprooted and fell into the reservoir at Calf heath due to the unseasonally strong winds, may be quieter next week lets see.

Thanks to all the volunteers who keep the club turning


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