Match Rules

Club Member Competition – Match Rules 2015 – 2016

1. Matches will be for 5 Hours duration and will take place on the dates and times given in the Membership Cards.
2. Members shall abide by the general rules of Club membership as detailed on membership cards.
3. A peg fee of one Pound (£1) per match will be charged to support costs associated to the match fishing events.
4. A financial pool will be available for members wishing to participate. Payouts / winnings will be proportioned at the discretion of the match organizer and announces at the draw.
5. Members will only be allowed to book match places for themselves. One place / booking per call. Booking contact protocols are those as detailed on membership Club cards.
6. Members arriving without booking a place, may, at the discretion of the match organiser and subject to there being a place available, be allowed to participate in the match.
7. Club membership cards and names will / may be checked before matches.
8. All participating anglers MUST be in possession of a current Environment Agency Rod License.
9. Participants are restricted to the use of one rod/pole, line and hook ‘at any one time’.
10. All matches are designated as ‘Silver Fish’ only – no Carp or Pike to be retained or weighed.
11. Competitors will be required to clear litter from their peg irrespective of its ownership before they are ‘weighed in’.
12. Bait limits may be imposed at the discretion of the Match Secretary. Unused bait must not be left on the bank..
13. In addition to the above, matches will be run in general accord with the NFA match fishing rules.
14. Match anglers shall be considerate of other Club members, the general public and other water users.
15. Participants should seek guidance from the Match organiser on any issues of concern or uncertainty before the match starts.
16. The Match Secretary shall have discretion to impose other conditions or requirements as may be deemed necessary and, shall be the final arbiter in any maters relative to these events.

17. Keepnets:
a. Keepnets and Landing nets shall be of an approved ‘Soft’ type – Compliant with the Environmental Agency Bylaw 12.
b. Keepnets MUST be fully DRIED prior to visiting / and use at Blackfords venues.
c. When participants arrive at their ‘peg’, they shall open and place their Keepnets on the bank behind them until the match-‘starting signal’.
d. Each angler must have at least two Keepnets available for use during matches.
e. Not more than 40 Pounds – 20Kilo approx. of any fish to be retained in any one net. Additional nets may be used.
f. Keepnets must be weighted or staked out to submerge as much of the net as possible and so as not to collapse onto contained fish.
g. Fish must not be ‘Rolled Down’ keepnets during the ‘weigh-In’ activities.
h. Fish must be weighed and returned safely to the pool – not dropped out of nets.