• Size – 2 Acres
  • Stock – 60 Approx Mirrors & Commons
  • Average size – 14lb – 25lb, biggest over 30lb
  • Depths 4ft – 6ft
  • Bottom – Weed & Gravel
  • Weed – Bottom & Surface Weed Present

Leacroft pool located just to the back of Sainsbury’s and is one of the smaller pools in only 2 acres but is still packed full of features. Due to its unusual shape the fish can be found in numerous places around the lake with the large weed beds being an obvious starting point. The weed on this lake can be very thick, growing to the surface at certain times of the year so please ensure adequate mainlines and safe rigs are employed.
With over hanging trees, bushes and Lilly beds dotted around the pool, this pool lends itself very much to a stealthy approach working the deep margins areas. Depths of 4-6 feet can be found in more central areas.
There is a small head of about 60 quality carp, both common and mirror carp and are some of the most stunning on the Blackfords ticket. Weights range from around the 12lb mark (an old common warrior stocked from Calf Heath) up to a very respectable lake record common to mid thirty, there are also at least another ten – 20lb plus carp present.
This pool is also perhaps the most challenging pool at Blackfords, so perseverance is needed. Boillies generally are the predominant bait, however Particle and Maggot have produced in the past. There are also other species present in Leacroft so Pellet baits may be worth avoiding. With plenty of weed around critically balanced baits on longish hook links and small pva bags prove very successful.
On the sunnier days fish can be found cruising the surface so floating dog biscuits and bread are worth a go for that opportune take.
These fish are spooked very easily so as little disturbance as possible is recommended…get stealthy!