07 Jun 2012

Kingswood Original

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Finally we have a Kingswood original on the bank this year! Action has been slow at Kingswood so far partially due to the mixed Spring Weather, the cold deep water and more recently spawning so it’s good news that things are steadily getting going with this recent capture…

Andrew Briggs landed this cracking 24lb 8oz Kingswood Mirror over the Jubilee weekend…as we all know Kingswood lacks any real lake bed features so Andrew opted to target carp patrolling the marginal weed and it clearly paid off in style! The mirror fell to a standard chod rig set up coupled with a Cell pop up (the Cell scores again…an obvious choice but it don’t half catch carp!). The take was a screamer but Andrew was able to stop it’s initial run and steadily steered his prize into the net…thankfully there were some other anglers present who were more than happy to take the pictures. Looking at this photo this particular carp is very distinctive and easily recognisable due to the missing part from the top of the tail…from our records this carp has not been caught since Sept 2011…so well done Andy on catching an elusive Kingswood original!


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