14 Feb 2022

Kingswood Match result 12/02/22

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Twenty Anglers turned out for the latest Kingswood encounter and it was a case of sit in the relative comfort of the low numbers but struggle for a bite or sit in the blustery high numbers and expect the tip to go round! One such angler who didn’t mind sitting in the cold wind was Ian Davies, drawn on peg 39 he decided to feed aggressively at distance and then fish the method feeder over the top of his baited area. The reward was a very impressive 30lb 3oz for the win and finishing some distance in front of his nearest rival on the day.

Second spot on the day went to Mark Greening from peg 43, employing the method feeder fished at 50m Mark took 4 quality Bream and a Skimmer for 17lb 12oz.

Completing the frame from peg 41 and also fishing the method feeder at 50m was Chris Brown with 12lb 12oz.

Section winners….

Nev Bailey snr       3lb 6oz (peg 3)

Enoch                     2lb 9oz  (peg 7)

Dave Ridgeway      8lb 1oz  (peg 40)

Shane Hodgkinson  10lb 15oz (peg 47)



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