• Size – 16 Acres
  • Stock – 600 Approx, Mirrors & Commons
  • Stocked – 150 Simmo’s 2009, 150 Scaly Mirrors 2010 & 100 VS fisheries Carp 2013, 250 commons Ed Matthews 2015/16,17,18, 19
  • Average size – 12lb – 22lb, up to mid 20’s
  • Depths 10ft – 19ft
  • Bottom – Sand, Silt & Some Gravel
  • Weed – Margins Only

Kingswood Lake is the newest of the four lakes. It can be found at the back of the M6 Toll booth in Cannock and can be reached via the A5 or of the orbital by pass. Access to the pool is once again through a pad locked gate at the top of the drive which leads nicely down to a newly constructed car park next to the pool.
The lake itself is 16 acres in size and offers many new challenges to the carp angler. The lake is considerably deeper than any of the other pools, with depths of 10-19ft present. A shallower margin in certain areas does provide a margin shelf to fish to. The reed lined pegs offer cover for the fish and many carp have been caught from these marginal areas.
The lake bed is of sand and gravel construction with some light silk weed present, with no snags of note.
Fish stocks are estimated at 530 mirror carp with a few Commons. There have been 5 separate stockings of small carp around the 3-6lb mark these were introduced as C3’s in 2009 & 2010 (150 Simmo’s & 150 Scaly) and in Dec 2013 x100 VS Fisheries Carp of around the 5lb – 6lb mark, finally 250 commons from Ed Matthews ranging 6lb – 24lb! The first stocking in 2009 have shown considerable growth rates these are now being caught between 18lb and 27lb and should continue to push on in size. In addition to the stockies, there are some original fish. The exact number and size of these fish is unknown, but there have a couple of +20lb fish caught and several sightings of potentially bigger fish…who knows this pool could throw up one or two surprises.
Standard bottom bait rigs and PVA bags work well with a good sprinkling of boillies around in the baited area and with depths of 19ft present give Zig’s a go these carp are often caught up in the layers. Although this pool is quite large casting to the horizon is not necessary as most of the fish come at about 30-40 yards over baited areas created by pleasure anglers.