29 May 2020

Rule Updates June 2020

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Following recent reports from our bailiff team we have decided to make 2 more rule adjustments which are both effectively immediately and have been put in place for a number of reasons…

1.  No pre-baiting at Leacroft (if your not fishing you shouldn’t be baiting up) - We have decided enforce this rule due to reports of excessive pre-baiting, especially at Leacroft pool, we can visibly see there is excesses bait in the margins and we don’t want any bait rotting that may effect the fish or water quality. Secondly, a point of courtesy, if you aren’t fishing and start pre-baiting, you are potentially influencing the fishing of other anglers which isn’t good etiquette or fair to the fellow angler. Finally, to those who think pre-baiting is their edge, well yes it could be in the right situation, but not when there are pre-baited areas all over the lake, you’re potentially just giving them more options.

2. ‘Carp Care Kits’ are compulsory when fishing for carp – We have some fantastic carp at Blackfords and its the responsibility of all members to look after them. From now on all members who are targeting carp need to be in possession of a carp care kit, these are small bottles of treatment for hook holds and body sores, all of the top tackle brands do them at affordable prices £5-£10, these can be mouth and body treatments some companies produce a treatment that does both. Please keep in mind they are living creatures, we are quite happy to put hooks in them for our enjoyment, we should at least offer them the courtesy of looking after them to the best of our ability and return them back to the water in as good health as possible.

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