25 Oct 2018


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IMG_0049We are very saddened to inform you that on the 24th Oct there was a very serious incident that occurred that has seriously impacted the Turf Pool, which ultimately has lead to the deaths of large numbers of fish and the closure of the pool.

Unfortunately a local sewage pipeline has ruptured and as with all liquids they follow the course of least resistance, in this case the sewage found its way into the stream that flows into the Turf having catastrophic effects.

IMG_0051The incident was report to ourselves, the Environment Agency & Severn Trent early morning and the response and effort  from all parties has been fantastic in trying to salvage the situation. By midday there was around 25 people doing what they can to help, unfortunately by this point the lake had already suffered major losses, with huge shoals of Bream and smaller silver fish already dead as well a some carp, looking round the lake there were still large numbers of carp distressed and gasping for oxygen. Since then the race has been on to try and reduce the ammonia levels and increase oxygen levels to save the remaining fish struggling around the lake!

IMG_0054The EA & Severn Trent were able to locate the sewage source and contain the flow preventing further contamination of the lake, they quickly supplied at least 7 water pumps and 5 aerators to increase the oxygen levels which visibly made a positive difference fairly quickly. When the lake was left last night there were still huge numbers of fish fighting for air in the margins, the EA kindly left 2 people present on the lake all night to ensure all the pumps and aerators were fuelled and ran all night…what more can you ask for…great commitment!!

IMG_0053On arrival to the lake the following morning the number of struggling fish visibly decreased, however the reality is, we have already suffered major fish loses, we don’t know the current scale of the impact and if any fish still alive will ultimately survive!

At this point, we need to take each day at a time and re-asses as we go, clearly the impact has devastated the pool and wont be resolved quickly, but please rest assured that Blackfords, The EA and Severn Trent are treating this a serious as its gets and doing everything possible to help the situation.

In the meanwhile we could kindly ask for member patience and understanding, please stay away from the lake until further the notice, the lake will be closed for sometime, we will notify everyone when we plan to re-open the pool in good time.

For now please plan you fishing based around the other 3 lakes, we are really sorry for any inconvenience and are doing everything we can, we will update you all when we know more…

Many Thanks


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