10 Apr 2013

First Turf 20lb Mirror!

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Adam Brown 22lb 5oz Turf Mirror April 2013.Well done to Adam Brown who on Saturday the 4th April was lucky enough to become the first person to catch one of the newly stocked 20lb mirrors from the Turf Pool…at 22lb 5oz!

As Adam and his friend Richard rightly identified this stunning mirror carp was the largest of the 4 that were stocked in Dec 2012 it went in a 23lb 8oz, so you may be wondering why this carp has lost a little over a pound?

Well to be honest we actually anticipated this might happen and this was the sole reason we request 4 carp around the 22-23lb mark so if they did initially drop back we would still have 4 carp over the 20lb mark. The fact of the matter is the stocking process, transportation and the harsh prolonged Winter will of had an effect on these fish. It’s also always a risk stocking 6 year old fish as they adapt to a new environment slower than a 3-4 year old would, these carp have had 6 years of life to get used to certain way of life, a particular water, food source and feeding schedule, stocking density etc…all that has just been changed and will take time for them to re-adjust, it may even take a few seasons for these fish to level out, but in time they should re-gain weight and hopefully they may even gain a few pounds!

Adam Brown 22lb 5oz Turf Mirror April 2013You may then be asking why haven’t we stock carp around 3-4 years old? well the answer is simple they probably wouldn’t grow enough in the Turf to achieve a weight of 20lb plus! The Turf is heavily stocked giving it a high biomass of life, this biomass requires a significant natural food source which simply isn’t available in the Turf, sure there is obviously some natural food but nothing of the like that would allow a good head of 20lb carp to grow naturally, so we had no choice but to introduce 20lb carp!

Hopefully in time these fish will regain their initial weights and stabilise in their new environment and our decision to introduce these fish will be vindicated…time will tell!

Finally just to say well done again to Adam as far as i know the first member to catch a 20 pound mirror from the Turf…well as long as i can remember anyway!

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