26 Dec 2021

Lets fish in peace

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During the summer I was asked to attend Calf Heath reservoir where a family were fishing, but without the necessary fish welfare kit. They had been observed putting fish directly onto the ground as they did not have either an unhooking mat or cradle in breach of rules. I pointed this out to them and explained that they would have to leave but could return when they had the required items. One of the family seems very agitated so as not to inflame the situation retreated a few yards  along the bank looking out across the water, when without warning I was struck from behind twice on my head, I was later told a metal bivvy peg was the weapon used. The police were called by members fishing nearby, but the family left before they could arrive covering the number plates over in an attempt to hide their identity. With the aid of members who had witnessed the attack we were able to find their details on the club database which were then passed onto the police. After denying the offence the 17 year old was picked out of a virtual ID parade even after trying to change his appearance by having his hair dyed blond. .At the eventual court case he changed his denial and pleaded guilty to the charge brought by the police prosecution of ‘Assault by beating’. and was given a six month referral order. I wish to thank all concerned for bringing this sad event to a just conclusion as I’m sure this is not the sort of behaviour we want on the bankside. As you would expect the family have been banned for life of fishing Blackfords waters.



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