20 Oct 2017

Cormorants – Give them a dose of the clap!!!

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Over the past few years during the winter months, our waters have been targeted by ever increasing numbers of cormorants and those of you that fish during the colder times of the year will have seen the carnage the inflict on our fish stocks..

IMG_4076IMG_4074IMG_4073Some of you may have noticed blocks of wood hanging in the trees placed around both Calfheath and Kingswood lakes and may of asked yourself why??? In fact, when clapped together they replicate the sound of a gun which disturbs their feeding and helps them move on…

Please don’t stand by and allow them free range to eat your fish, use these clappers!!! We have also deployed other deterants around our venues such as ‘Hawk Eye Spinners’ and an automatic gas operated bird scarer.

Due to the excessive numbers of cormorants visiting Calfheath we have been granted a licence from Natural England to cull a limited number of these birds. These pictures were taken as Calfheath which show the problem we have…

Help us to help you!! Tom Ponder – Secretary

IMG_4077 IMG_4072 IMG_4075


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