Blackford Progressive Angling Society Rules

Please ensure you read, understand and follow the club rules, any member found to be in violation of club rules will be issued with a warning, which may result in the forfeit of his or her membership.

1. Membership card(s) and rod licence to be produced on demand to bailiffs or any other member.
2. Any members wishing to use two rods (maximum) will require TWO membership cards
3. Unless in receipt of a special night fishing permit, angling is restricted to the hours of daylight only. Unauthorised members are not allowed on the bankside during the hours of darkness.
4. All members have an obligation to handle all fish species with utmost care, this includes netting, landing, unhooking and when taking photos.
5. All members must have a suitably sized landing net with them at all times when fishing. When fishing for ‘Carp & Pike’ a minimum of a 36-inch landing net and a large padded unhooking mat is required at all times. All landing nets and unhooking mats should be set up, on the bank and ready to use before casting in.
6. No rods/lines should be left in the water unattended at any time.
7. All fish must be returned alive and unharmed to the water. No fish, dead or alive, to be removed from our fisheries.
8. Members will be held responsible for litter/ rubbish in the vicinity of their peg, whether or not litter was present on arrival.
9. Disposable cans and tins i.e. sweetcorn, pop and luncheon meat etc. must not be brought onto society waters.
10. All hooks including and smaller than size 10 must he barbless.
11. Both the ‘beachcaster’ and ‘fly fishing’ style of fishing are prohibited.
12. All particle baits ie…hemp, maize, tiger nuts must be prepared correctly prior to use.
13. Unused bait must not be left on the bankside. This encourages rodents.
14. The use of live fish baits is not allowed on any society fishery. Dead ‘Sea Fish’ baits only, may be used. (See 15)
15. The use of dead ‘Sea Fish’ baits is restricted to winter period only (1st October – 15th March inclusive).
16. Members must restrict fishing to their own peg and not cast across neighbouring swims. No Fishing from sailing club jetties.
17. The use of bait boats is forbidden on all society waters.
18. No alcoholic drinks allowed on society waters.
19. The use of ‘controlled’ Drugs on society waters is strictly prohibited.
20. Riding of cycles, lighting fires, playing radios, camping and sleeping is forbidden at any Society venues.
21. Juvenile members, less than 14 years old. Must be accompanied by a responsible adult when visiting or fishing society waters.
22. The practice of walking past the ‘No Fishing Beyond This, Point’ (calf Heath) signs with baited rods, feed or tackle to place loose-feed, or terminal rigs etc, from the Dam wall-side is prohibited. (Wall adjacent / parallel with A5)
23. No unofficial Competitions / matches allowed at any Society Fisheries. (Members please note – A Club official will attend and manage all official matches)
24. No pleasure fishing allowed in reserved pegs on match days (see Match Date information)
25. All gates must be kept locked at all times. Close and lock gates when entering & leaving fisheries.

a) Please consider carefully, whether you really need to retain fish in a Keep Net.
b) Only approved ‘fish safe’ Keep Nets and Landing Nets can be used.
c) Outside of official Club contests – Keep Nets are NOT allowed from 1st April until 1st October.
d) Outside of official Club contests – Keep Nets are not allowed, at any time, at Kingswood Lake.
e) Where and when allowed – Keep Nets must be emptied of fish and removed from the water after a maximum period of 5 hours, following their initial introduction.
f) NO Carp of any size, or any other fish in excess of 3lbs in weight to be retained in Keep Nets.
g) Where allowed – Keep Nets must be weighted or staked out.
h) No Keepnets allowed on Dam wall at Calf Heath.
i) The use of Keep Nets is at the discretion of the Bailiffs, in the best interest of fish health. There will be occasions when additional restrictions may be imposed.
j) No more than 40 pounds of fish are allowed in any one net.