Kingswood Match Result 11/09/21

Nineteen Anglers turned out for the latest Kingswood match and it was Match Secretary Bob “plastic” Harris who showed the field the way with 10 Bream for 31lb 11oz from peg 47. Bob opted to fish the method feeder and pellet at 50m and took his first fish on the half hour mark then its was.. read more →

Calf Heath Match Result 21/08/21

Twenty Anglers turned out at a rainy Calf Heath but spirits were certainly not dampened as the “Silvers” duly obliged. On the day it was like winding the clock back as the point produced the top three weights. Winner on the day and certainly benefiting from a mid week trip to the Reservoir was Nev Bailey.. read more →

Kingswood Match Result 14/08/21

Twenty one Anglers turned out for Saturdays Kingswood encounter and it was Certainly a tale of two banks as the Car park bank produced more than three times the combined weight than was caught in the rushes. Taking a leading role on the day was Steve “Hollywood” McQueen and he certainly didn’t fluff his lines on.. read more →

Calf Heath Match Result (17/07/21)

It was Groundhog day for the 19 Anglers who turned out at Calf Heath as Gaz  “Speedy” Johnson put together another stunning bag of small silvers totalling 36lb 8oz. Employing the cage feeder at short distance Gaz clocked up in excess of 30 fish per hour for the duration of the match from peg 65 in.. read more →

Kingswood Match Result 10/07/21

Eighteen Anglers turned out at a sunny Kingswood and although conditions were less than ideal there were still a few fish to be had. Taking top spot on the day was Blackfold’s stalwart John “Travolta” Burns.Drawn on peg 1 John opted to fish the cage feeder at distance, the result was a creditable  20lb 10oz bag.. read more →

Calf Heath Match Result 03/07/21

Sunshine and showers greeted the Anglers for the latest Calf Heath match, but there was no signs of a  dampener being put on things as the average weight for the twenty three competitors was an impressive 19lb . Top spot went to in form Gary Johnson who averaged circa 30 fish per hour to put.. read more →

Calf Heath Match Result 19/06/21

Twenty two Anglers turned out at a summery Calf Heath reservoir and it was good to see a variety of tactics being deployed. But that being said its was back to winning ways for the method feeder tactic as Brian “Bait Runner” Ashley took top spot from peg 56 on the point. Brian was plagued.. read more →

Kingswood Match Result 12/06/21

Twenty three Anglers turned out on a really summery Kingswood and the sun tan cream was definitely more evident than the Bream. That being said 3 Anglers did manage to put together double figure weights.  Top spot went to John Rafferty who fished the pole all day on peg 38 and his patience paid off.. read more →

Calf Heath Match Result 05/06/21

Bright sunshine and a gentle breeze greeted the anglers for the latest instalment at Calf Heath and understandably this meant that the Reservoirs Resident Bream were somewhat reluctant to feed. On a positive note though there were still plenty of small silvers to be had for those that chose to target them. One such angler was Norman.. read more →

Claf Heath Match Result 15/05/21

Twenty five Anglers turned out for the latest instalment at Calf Heath and optimism was high after reports of good Bream catches in the week. Yet again though hopes were dashed as the bigger fish either decided to sulk or indulge in other more gratifying pastimes. Winner on the day was Dave “the mechanic” Nicholls who.. read more →