Paul Coles 21lb Turf Common

Well done to Paul Coles who on a recent July trip to the Turf resulted in this cracking 21lb Common carp. What made this capture all the more special was the bite came to a home made meaty boilie…unfortunately he didn’t share the recipe;-) Well done!   read more →

Bill Norton’s 20lb Leacroft Common

Congratulations to Bill Norton for catching the corking 22lb 8oz common from Leacroft on a recent overnighter. Stunning carp well done;-) read more →

Leacroft 28lb 4oz Mirror

Firstly I would like to start this report of by saying congratulations to Dave Burns for his recent capture of this stunning Leacroft Mirror at an impressive 28lb 4oz! This capture was the culmination of difficult session, having braved the rain and having lost several fish due to hook pulls, Dave finally started getting to grips with.. read more →

Kingswood 29lb Mirror

Well done to Chris Gregory for his recent capture of Kingwoods largest resident at it largest recorded weight of 29lb 3oz! Chris arrived late Friday and set up in peg 1, after fishing for a few hours he lost a fish at half past 12 but remained confident and got the rod back on the spot, nothing else came.. read more →

Lily’s First Carp!

Lily joined Blackford’s recently and on Sunday 4th May she joined her dad – Adam for her first fishing session at calfheath, after a couple of hours being frustrated with no runs through the late morning, off screamed Adam’s left hand rod and he let Lily have a turn at catching her first carp. Adam helped her to.. read more →

Blackfords 20lb Commons

Recently there have been a spell of 20lb commons caught around the Blackfords Lakes… Firstly up is this cracking 21lb 5oz Common caught recently by John Startin at calf heath reservoir, there aren’t many 20lb carp  in Calfheath so John has done extremely well to get amongst larger residence. This particular carp is well know to us.. read more →

Chris Gregory

Well done to Chris Gregory who earlier this month caught himself a new PB in the shape of this cracking 24lb Leacroft Common, Chris tells me the fish fell to Ammunition Baits and put up a good scrap. Well done! read more →

New Blackfords Carp Record 29lb!!

Carp fishing is not always fair, there is always an element of luck involved but for once its fair to say effort has equalled reward! Friday 24th Jan was a particularly bad night, cold, raining the lot, however Chris Jones and his mate braved the elements and decided to get a night in on Leacroft. During one of.. read more →

Kingswood 28 Pounder!

Well done to Dave Morris having recently captured this Kingswood original at 28lb exactly. For many years Dave has been well known as a regular on the Blackfords match circuit…so to those who know him it comes as a massive shock that he’s brought himself a new cap and turned to the dark side trying his hand.. read more →

Daniel Bags a Kingswood Original

Well done to Daniel Connor who recently bagged himself a Kingswood Original in the shape of this cracking 25lb Mirror. read more →