Dave Powell Calfheath Mirror 19lb 4oz

Well done to Dave Powell who recently caught one of Calfheath’s rare Simonds carp which tipped the scales at 19lb 4oz. These fish were stocked around 8 years ago at a size of around 7-9lb so this fish has grown steadily over the years and who know may even tip the scales at over 20lb.. read more →

Sam Cattell 21lb Turf Common

Over the last few weeks Sam’s been giving his dad (Shaun) fishing lessons, as he has an habit singling out the bigger Turf fish and once again this was demonstrated when Sam landed this cracking common of 21lb and upping is personal best in the process…lovely fish well done mate! Also Sam & Shaun made a call to notify.. read more →

New Kingswood Twenty Chris Whiting

Good news for Blackfords carpers as Kingswood lake continues to go from strength to strength with the recent capture of this cracking 23lb 8oz mirror caught by Chris Whiting… Chris was able to land several carp during his session mainly mid doubles but his session was capped off by when he landed this stunning Simo at.. read more →

New Kingswood 20!!!

A big well done to Karlo Kennedy who in May caught this cracking 22lb 8oz mirror from kingswood! Karlo has kindly name this carp ‘Red Tail Night’ certainly a memorable name and one fit for such a cracking carp! This carp is also significant for another reason, this to our knowledge is the first carp from the original.. read more →

Leacroft 26lb Mirror

Congratulations to Jimmy Bell who was recently able to bag himself this cracking 26lb mirror carp from Leacroft, clearly very happy with his capture…but who can blame him!!! Well done!! read more →

Leacroft Stunner

Well done to James Massey who bagged this stunning 26lb 8oz mirror from Leacroft Pool read more →

Turf New 20lb Common??

Well done to Paul Coles who recently bagged this cracking Turf pool 20lb Common. There are already one or two 20lb commons in the Turf but were not 100% that we recognise this fish as one of them, which means we could possibly have a new 20 pounder swimming around…which is great news for the pool and.. read more →

Blackfords First 30….31lb 2oz!!!

We have waited a long time for today to come…but at last we can confirm Blackfords has produced its first 30lb carp and we have Steve Hall to thank for it! For some years now the big common in leacroft has threatened to crack the 30 mark having been caught several times between 27-29lb and we felt it would.. read more →

John Stanley Leacroft Chunk

On what was reported to be a horrible night with torrential rail, John Stanley’s efforts were rewarded with the capture of one of leacrofts original stock in the shape of the stunning Mirror known as ‘Oink’ at 24lb 11oz. The fish is slightly down in weight but that’s just a good sign of a healthy fish.. read more →

Vice Strikes Again!

Dave Burns is on a bit of a roll up Leacroft at the moment landing another one of the original stock…this time ‘Cut Tail’ up in weight slightly at 22lb. The take came on a Dynamite shelf life boilie fished tight-ish to a weed bed….I say tight ish becase ive seen him cast;-) Keep em comin.. read more →