New Blackfords Carp Record…33lb 8oz!!!

At long last the Big Common at Leacroft has been caught, there has been a long list of anglers chasing this common of late and nearly 9 months have past since its last capture, so you may say it was due! On Friday 24th March at around 8pm John Startin finally netted Leacrofts jewel, John is.. read more →

Kingswood 20lb Mirror – John Clarke

Well done to John Clarke (Orange John) who recently landed this cracking Kingswood original Mirror at 20lb 12oz, Johns been putting some time in down Kingswood recently so this fish is well deserved. Nice one John…well done! read more →

Leacroft 27lb 8oz ‘The Baby Common’ Feb 2017

Well done to Phil locke for his recent capture of this stunning Common Carp from leacfoft Pool caught late Feb 2017. The common is a well known fish that seems to have been given the name ‘The Baby Common’, although not so much of a baby now at its biggest weight of 27lb 8oz! This particular fish.. read more →

Scott Riley 25lb Leacroft Mirror

Well done to Scott Riley who recently caught this cracking 25lb Leacroft Mirror called ‘Robs Fish’, good to see the fish doing well and up in weight… Nice one Scott, good angling!! read more →

Alex Warnby 23lb 7oz ‘Oink’ Leacroft

Well done to Alex Warnby who recently started fishing leacroft and was fortunate enough to bag a stunners in the shape of one its well know residents ‘Oink’. The fish weighed in at 23lb 7oz, admittedly slightly down in weight but still a cracking fish in perfect condition. Well done Alex, I’m sure this will be one of.. read more →

Dave Powell 23lb Calfheath Mirror June 2016

Dave Powell has been out on the banks of Calfheath enjoying some of the recent sunshine we’ve been having and catching one or two fish in the process as you can see from the photo on the left! As well as landing several other carp Dave also bagged this impressive 23lb 4oz mirror, which was one.. read more →

New Kingswood 20′s

As you will all be aware Kingswood is one of our newer lakes and is still undergoing a stocking program for silvers and carp, we are really happy with the progression of the lake stocks and the carp especially are doing very well…. Recently we have had a few new twenty pound carp captured…the first.. read more →

Steve Hall 25lb Leacroft Common

A quick mention to Steve Hall, who recently landed one of the larger carp from leacroft in the form of this immaculate 25lb 8oz common. Steve landed the fish after placing a solid PVA bag into a small weed bed where he had been seeing showing fish! Well done Steve you seem to have a knack with the place!!! read more →

Tom Pritchard Calfheath Linear

Well done to Tom Pritchard on his recent capture of the Calfheath Linear at 23lb 5oz! This stunning fish was taken on a bottom bait fished on a D-Rig at around 70 yards range! One of the best looking fish around, well done Tom! read more →

Jay Oliver 18lb Kingswood Common ‘the grey’

Well done to Jay Oliver who recently bagged this cracking common from Kingswood lake. This particular fish is one that was stocked back in Nov 2015 from Ed Matthews and I have to say was an absolutely stunning common that was quite unique in that it was very grey in colour hence it now being.. read more →