Calf Heath Incident

Hi all, hope everyone is well. Unfortunately we were alerted to illegal fishing on Easter Saturday afternoon. Upon arrival three Romanian’s were found fishing contrary to Government advice. They did not have any licences, EA or Blackfords so were escorted from the fishery and car registrations were passed to the relevant authorities. Thanks to the.. read more →

11 Apr 2020
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New Bailiffs

Hope everyone is well during these troubled times. Glad to say that we will have three new bailiffs to help patrol our waters once movement restrictions are lifted due to the coronavirus. Dan, Steve and Tom answered the call after long standing bailiffs Ben, Bob and Ron felt they should stand down due to health.. read more →

29 Mar 2020
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Well the planned boardwalk works got off to a none start with first supply problems and then cancellation due to coronavirus lockdown. All our fisheries have now been shut for angling, please observe and stay safe. For all you younger members you can now experience what us old timers had to put up with when.. read more →

25 Mar 2020
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Kingswood Boardwalk

The boardwalk replacement works are to start on Monday 23 March and could take 4 weeks to complete. This assumes that no more flooding issues are encountered. The new walkway will be constructed using hardwood partly in response to climate change as the frequency of inundation is likely to increase, integral anti-slip strips will be.. read more →

19 Mar 2020
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Bobs Whopper

Bob Harris (no relation to Rolf), one half of our match organiser team, showed the carp boys a trick or two whilst at Kingswood yesterday. Using a method feeder coupled with 5lb line and a 14 hook he landed a 22lb 3oz high shouldered common on a single grain of sweetcorn. Bob assured us he.. read more →

17 Mar 2020
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Kingswood wooden boardwalk

The boardwalk has been in place for approx 15 years now and is often under water during times of high rainfall. Its starting to show its age now and council contractors have been on site making numerous repairs more frequently of late. As it is a public right of way Staffordshire county council have decided.. read more →

11 Mar 2020
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Membership Fees

Great news. The management group recommended that fees for the 2020/2021 season should remain at their present level, this was endorsed at the annual general meeting. It will be the 7th year that no increase on fees as been made, hopefully a no brainer not to rejoin!!!! Blackfuds ay we. Tom read more →

09 Mar 2020
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Introducing myself

Hi everyone. I’m Tom (secretary,treasurer,litter picker,but mainly dog walker). As i’m around Blackfords waters most days we thought it would be a good idea if I blogged on the small but very important things that occasionally happen besides fish catches, these will still be reported by Gary on catch reports and latest news.Maybe I could.. read more →

08 Mar 2020
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Blog April 2014

The start of a new season is upon us. Welcome to all members old and new, I hope you have a great season. With the weather now beginning to pick up I’m sure there will be plenty of fish on the bank in the coming weeks and months ahead. I little reminder that you can.. read more →

Blackfords Blog May 2013

Hi to all and welcome all members new and old to another new season at Blackfords. The new tickets have been available now for the last 3-4 weeks and judging by the number of anglers on the bank the club will once again fulfil its membership with ease. There really cannot be a better value.. read more →

28 May 2013
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