Show them what its all about

Now that’s summer is here its the right time to use all those angling skills you’ve gained to teach a youngster what this fishing game is all about. As a Blackfords member did you know you can bring an under sixteen year old and maybe start them on a lifelong journey at no cost, they.. read more →

08 Jul 2020
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Whats in a name

Love them or hate them our two largest waters, Calf Heath and Kingswood, are dominated by the vast bream shoals that mop up any food items that they find on their feeding routes. Dependant on size they are known by differing names, smallest ones called “blades” as they are very thin and can be caught.. read more →

21 Jun 2020
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The Black Death

  I’m talking cormorants, those fish eating pests that have caused us loads of problems over the past few years. Thinking ahead to winter we would like to deploy some mannequins, scarecrows etc to help deter those birds from using the reservoir as a prime source of food. Members who fish the winter months know.. read more →

05 Jun 2020
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Matches Return

Good news for the match boys after the government lift the ban on organised contests. Certain protocols will have to be observed but match organisers Bob and Nev will have all the answers for when our first match is fished at Calf Heath reservoir on the 6th of June. Please be certain to check out.. read more →

28 May 2020
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Warm Weather means algae bloom

With warm weather brings the usual outcome to Calf Heath reservoir, an algae bloom. With the water turning greener by the day a quick phone call to Neil our go to straw supplier and a trailer loaded with barley straw was soon on its way. Eager volunteers were waiting bankside to transfer it into the.. read more →

22 May 2020
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We’re back

Glad to see so many happy faces back on the bankside. Seems as a lot of returnees to angling are out there enjoying time outdoors as the lifting of the fishing ban as came at the same time as a bout of decent weather. With numbers of anglers dropping each year maybe this could be.. read more →

17 May 2020
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Will He, Won’t He

Maybe this weekend Boris might just give us some bostin news and allow anglers back on the bank. If he does Gary will be posting on the website and posters at gateways asking members to sanitise after using the locks. Be prepared and make sure you have a spray or gloves for use at entrances.. read more →

07 May 2020
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Just Waiting

Hoping soon to be able to reopen our waters as soon as government restrictions are lifted. Membership cards will be available from our good friends at Allens, Anglers Peg, Cannock Angling and Fattys as soon as they open up again. Give them all support you can as its been a difficult time but it will.. read more →

05 May 2020
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Calf Heath Storage

Today we took delivery, after gaining permission, of a storage container which we have sited at the reservoir. Tools etc can now be onsite instead of being scattered at various committee members homes and not knowing who had what. One idea that as been suggested is to lock up any poachers, fish thieves and litter.. read more →

20 Apr 2020
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Bailiff Patrols

Bailiffs will still be making sure our fisheries are safe during the lockdown. The Angling Trust have been giving guidance to member clubs which allows officials and bailiffs to visit their waters to check on the health of the fish and water quality. Whilst at the water they are checking to make sure no fishing.. read more →

17 Apr 2020
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