Little taste of summer

What a change to fishing the warm weather which we experienced during the last days of April did. All the society’s waters carp stocks seemed to enjoy the brief spell as fish were caught in numbers with Calf Heath reservoir giving multiple catches to those willing to surface fish with the trusty dog biscuit. The.. read more →

03 Apr 2021
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Welcome to Staffordshire

The skimmer bream arrived as promised and everyone who came to the stocking were more than pleased with the quality of fish delivered. With 2,200 10 to 12 inch extra stock to go at members have already started to have them in their catches and with roach and perch also putting in an appearance times.. read more →

18 Mar 2021
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Devon’s Finest

Some people would straight away say that its their CREAM but in our case its their BREAM. Yes come this Thursday the 4th of March we have a delivery of skimmer bream making the long journey from Priory fisheries base in Devon, they hope to arrive at Calf Heath reservoir at 8.30am after an early.. read more →

01 Mar 2021
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End of year

Lets hope it gets better eh, at least fishing is still allowed. The peg upgrade at the reservoir is coming along nice and steady and are proving very popular with the extra room provided. Prior to Christmas we had an early delivery in the form of a fly tip on the concrete pad by the.. read more →

31 Dec 2020
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Peg Upgrade

When the fishing platforms were constructed around Calf Heath reservoir in the late 90s they were suitable for the tackle boxes and equipment of the day but with time small boxes have now been overtaken by models now called fishing stations. New name means new size which not only needs purpose built barrows to transport.. read more →

23 Nov 2020
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Don’t Mingle, Stay Single.

Lockdown 2 and the government have once again allowed angling to continue, but with a few restrictions. No match fishing can take place and anglers must not gather on the bank. Travel to venues can only be with one other from the same household or by themselves. Keep to the new rules and be a.. read more →

05 Nov 2020
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Boom Boom

Yes, those cormorants are returning to cause damage to fish stocks thoughout the country. At Calf Heath reservoir we have seen what they can do, so we have a licence which allows us to to cull a small number each year during the winter. As we’re not able to be on site all the time,.. read more →

30 Oct 2020
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Where’s the match?

Kingswood is notorious for winter floods as the catchment extends from the old Leacroft Colliery site through to Heath Hayes down to Norton Canes and around to Great Wyrley, causing vast quantities of rainwater to enter the lake. Those of you who fish the lake in winter will know how the level can rise rapidly.. read more →

12 Oct 2020
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After numerous incidents off cut offs on Kingswood number 1 peg it was decided to take action as no one wants to leave fish with hooks and trailing line. A line of pontoons have been placed near to the tunnels and over the bar which is heavily infested with both swan and zebra mussels in.. read more →

19 Sep 2020
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Cooling off

Thinking ahead to cooler months its been decided to boost the carp stock level in the Turf pool with 70 fish in the 5 to 7 pound range. Contact as been made with John at Fishers Pond who supplied us last year with a cracking selection and an order was placed, delivery will be in.. read more →

13 Sep 2020
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