Fish Stocking Program’s

You will be glad to hear that in recent year the Blackfords Committee has given major focus and financial investments into the fish stocks around our lakes…we continue to believe that planning ahead will ensure that the fishing quality is sustained on all of our lakes for years to come… Kingswood has recently undergone a huge re-stocking program which.. read more →

Another Turf 20lb Mirror

Well done to John Carpenter who recently became the second member to catch one of the newly stocked Turf Mirrors at an impressive 23lb… These fish are turning out to be fairly tricky to catch, 2 of the 4 that were stocked have now been caught since their introduction 5 months ago and that’s with.. read more →

First Turf 20lb Mirror!

Well done to Adam Brown who on Saturday the 4th April was lucky enough to become the first person to catch one of the newly stocked 20lb mirrors from the Turf Pool…at 22lb 5oz! As Adam and his friend Richard rightly identified this stunning mirror carp was the largest of the 4 that were stocked in Dec 2012 it went.. read more →

Protecting the Future!

Recently Tom and Andy and a few of the other lads came up with the idea of creating a few ‘fish safe’ zones, where small silvers and fry can seek refuge from predatory bird life such as grebes and cormorant’s. Initiatives such as these are vital for a self sustaining fish stock. We have also.. read more →

Blackfords Annual General Meeting 7th March

Once again another year has come and gone and were quickly approaching another annual general meeting, this years meeting will be held on the 7th March at 8pm, the venue is the Church Hill Victoria, located on Church Hill, Hednesford. As always the Blackfords committee would like to invite all Blackfords members to attend, we hope.. read more →

11 Feb 2013
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December 2012 Blog

Hi to all, with winter now well and truly upon us, the lakes have been frozen for the first time and the cold north wind makes for some very in hospitable days, it is not surprising that there have been few anglers on our banks and even fewer catch reports. 2012 has once again been.. read more →

Leacroft Stocking December 2012

In addition to the Turf Pool Carp stocking the committee also took the decision to safe guard the future of Leacroft by the introduction of an additional 10 carp. The reason we only decided to stock 10 fish was simple, over the past few years we have lost a few, unfortunately they don’t live forever.. read more →

Turf Pool Stocking Dec 2012

Over the past 2 years the Blackfords committee have had various discussions and thoughts regards stocking programs and initiatives involving all species, we simply want to safe guard the future of our fish stocks and to provide fantastic fishing around all our venues. One initiative recently came to fruition after initially being conceived over 12 months ago,.. read more →

Leacrfot Parking Restrictions

Apologies for the delay in getting any official information regards the current parking issues we have at Leacroft, as you are all probably aware there are now double yellow lines running along the path side where our members currently park, however we are glad to announce that we have been able to resolve this issue with the.. read more →

07 Sep 2012
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Blackfords – Angling Trust Membership

You will be glad to hear that Blackfords have once again secured the annual membership with the angling Trust…as a angling club that cares about the future of fishing it’s imperative we support organisations like the Trust who campaign to protect all aspects of our sport… About the Angling Trust The Angling Trust is the.. read more →

02 Jul 2012
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