Sam Cattell 21lb Turf Common

Over the last few weeks Sam’s been giving his dad (Shaun) fishing lessons, as he has an habit singling out the bigger Turf fish and once again this was demonstrated when Sam landed this cracking common of 21lb and upping is personal best in the process…lovely fish well done mate! Also Sam & Shaun made a call to notify.. read more →

New Turf Pool Lake Map

As you will be aware the Turf Pool is one of the most popular pools on the Blackfords ticket, seeing many anglers everyday, unfortunately the Turf is also the smallest of the lakes we have at just 1.5 acres in size and this can sometimes lead to issues with members casting into or near to adjacent swims. To.. read more →

05 Apr 2016
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Fish n Chips

Firstly id just like to apologise about the cheesy headline but we couldn’t resist! Blame Tom Ponder!! On a more serious note though, you may have seen from the previous post that we have just introduced 6 new large carp into Blackfords waters, these fish do have significant value and we are really keen to.. read more →

28 Nov 2015
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Carp Stocking Calfheath & Kingswood 2015

Going back a few years the committee had a vision to ensure all of our Blackfords lakes contained +20lb carp, some of our lakes have been able to naturally grow carp of this size however some of our more densely stocked lakes such as the Turf and Calfheath struggle to naturally produce fish of this size.. read more →

28 Nov 2015
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New Kingswood Twenty Chris Whiting

Good news for Blackfords carpers as Kingswood lake continues to go from strength to strength with the recent capture of this cracking 23lb 8oz mirror caught by Chris Whiting… Chris was able to land several carp during his session mainly mid doubles but his session was capped off by when he landed this stunning Simo at.. read more →

Rig Safety!!!

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to take a moment to outline a very serious issue that needs addressing…recently we have had few situations around our lakes where fish have been found tethered to snags or weed by rigs that have either been cracked off or broken off after being hooked, luckily we have been able to free the fish,.. read more →

31 Jul 2015
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Leacroft Club Matches Cancelled

Just to let everyone know…given the recent poor attendances to the matches held at Leacroft Pool we have made the decision to cancel the match and open the lake up to the general membership. Leacroft matches are usually held on the 2nd Saturday of each month which is detailed on the membership card, the next scheduled Leacroft match is Saturday.. read more →

31 Jul 2015
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New Kingswood 20!!!

A big well done to Karlo Kennedy who in May caught this cracking 22lb 8oz mirror from kingswood! Karlo has kindly name this carp ‘Red Tail Night’ certainly a memorable name and one fit for such a cracking carp! This carp is also significant for another reason, this to our knowledge is the first carp from the original.. read more →

Leacroft 26lb Mirror

Congratulations to Jimmy Bell who was recently able to bag himself this cracking 26lb mirror carp from Leacroft, clearly very happy with his capture…but who can blame him!!! Well done!! read more →

Leacroft Stunner

Well done to James Massey who bagged this stunning 26lb 8oz mirror from Leacroft Pool read more →