Carp Stocking Nov 2017 – Kingswood & Leacroft

As part of Blackfords on-going stocking programs, we recently received delivery of 49 stunning carp supplied by Ed Matthews, 5 of which were delivered for Leacroft and the other 44 for Kingswood (There will be another 6 coming in February to make 50 for Kingswood). The good news is that the Kingswood average was over.. read more →

23 Nov 2017
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Cormorants – Give them a dose of the clap!!!

Over the past few years during the winter months, our waters have been targeted by ever increasing numbers of cormorants and those of you that fish during the colder times of the year will have seen the carnage the inflict on our fish stocks.. Some of you may have noticed blocks of wood hanging in.. read more →

20 Oct 2017
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Polite Pre-Baiting Notice Aug 2017

I just wanted to post a quick note regards the sensible application of pre-baiting on Blackfords waters… We want to be clear, we do not wish to prevent anglers from pre-baiting but in the interest of the fishery and other members that may be fishing the lakes, we do wish to ensure that this is.. read more →

17 Aug 2017
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29lb 8oz – Leacroft Common Carl Burgess!!

Firstly we need to say a massive congratulations to our Reggae singing, mix master DJ that is Carl Burgess…or as most people know him Carl from Cannock Angling!!! Carl recently caught this awesome looking Leacroft common at 29lb 8oz and after a little debate & closer inspection looks like its the ‘baby common’ up in.. read more →

Leacroft Mirror 22lb 15oz

Well done to Steve, pictured here holding a cracking 22lb 15oz Mirror carp, caught recently at Leacroft Pool. This is one of several Mirrors at Leacroft that has reach the 20lb mark and continues to grow at a steady pace. This fish was caught earlier this year at a similar weight, we are now post.. read more →

Catch Report – June Update

Just wanted to share a few recent captures from around the lakes, as you may be aware as the weather warmed up quite a lot recently which caused carp all over the country to spawn, non the less we have still had a few carp caught post spawning and still over 20lb. First of which.. read more →

Recent Blackfords 20′s

There have been a few 20lb+ carp out around our lakes recently to report on which is always great news for the fishery and a clear sign that the fish are is now really on the munch… Firstly Alex from Cannock Angling had a great little session on Leacroft recently landing two different 20′s with.. read more →

Cut Tail 24lb 12oz Leacroft April 2017

I recently popped up Leacroft for a few hours one evening, fishing as light a possible, armed only with 2 rods, net, cradle & a bit bait I was fortunate enough see a few fish roll which shortly  resulted in me landing the Cut Tail mirror at the biggest weight I’ve ever known it at.. read more →

27 Mar 2017
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New Blackfords Carp Record…33lb 8oz!!!

At long last the Big Common at Leacroft has been caught, there has been a long list of anglers chasing this common of late and nearly 9 months have past since its last capture, so you may say it was due! On Friday 24th March at around 8pm John Startin finally netted Leacrofts jewel, John is.. read more →