Calfheath 20 Pounder

Well done to Andy Barker who recently caught this cracking 21lb mirror carp from Calfheath reservoir  on Sunday 4th Nov. This fish was one of several carp stocked back in Dec 2005, it weighed 9lb 12oz back then, so as you can see from the picture its really come on in recent years! Andy was.. read more →


We are very saddened to inform you that on the 24th Oct there was a very serious incident that occurred that has seriously impacted the Turf Pool, which ultimately has lead to the deaths of large numbers of fish and the closure of the pool. Unfortunately a local sewage pipeline has ruptured and as with.. read more →

25 Oct 2018
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A Sad Day for Blackfords

Unfortunately on Saturday 8th September we very sadly lost one of the key and longstanding members of the Blackfords team,,,Murphy!!! After many, many years of patrolling the banks at Blackfords Murphy sadly succumb to his ripe old age of 17 years! I think I’m fairly safe to say that most anglers at some point will.. read more →

09 Sep 2018
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Max 23lb Kingswood

Well done to Max again, on the capture of this chunky 23lb Kingswood mirror, max has put loads of time in recently and has been rewarded some of the bigger carp topped off by this cracker! Well done mate, keep up the good work! read more →

Calfheath 20 pounder! Tom Farr

Congratulations to Tom Farr, who recently caught this cracking mirror carp from Calfheath reservoir at an impressive 20lb 5oz. The really interesting things about this fish it that we have records of it being stocked to the reservoir back in December 2005! This particular carp was part of around 20+ plus fish that were stocked.. read more →


Ever increasingly, we hear of incidents of fish left from fisheries around the country and unfortunately this type of activity from time to time does occur on our own fishery… On Sunday 12th Aug we had reports of 2 anglers on the point at Calfheath reservoir removing fish from the water, luckily a number of.. read more →

06 Sep 2018
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Max Catches a Kingswood Original

Congratulations to Max on his recent capture of this cracking Kingswood original mirror which weighed an impressive 22lb! This fish is really well deserved given the amount of time Max has put in of late, last year one of night members broke the record for the amount of nights done in a season which was.. read more →

Alex Warnsby 28lb ‘Cut Tail’ June 2018

Another stunning carp recently graced the banks of Leacroft, with this recent capture of ‘Cut Tail’ from Lecroft Pool by Alex Warnsby. In fairness this is another capture that is certainly well deserved, over the past 3 years Alex has invested a fair amount of time in pursuit of these carp and were certainly pleased.. read more →

Chris Gregory 30lb 4oz ‘Baby Common’

Huge congratulations to Chris Greogry who recently caught this stunning common at 30lb 4oz from Leacroft. Fair play to Chris, even knowing there was a huge storm coming in he still decided to brave the weather and get up Leacroft in the middle of a lightning storm!!! Following a quiet night the buzzers came alive.. read more →