15 Jun 2017

Catch Report – June Update

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John Clarke 20lb 1oz Kingswood Mirror June 2017

Just wanted to share a few recent captures from around the lakes, as you may be aware as the weather warmed up quite a lot recently which caused carp all over the country to spawn, non the less we have still had a few carp caught post spawning and still over 20lb.

First of which is this lovely mirror caught by John Clarke at 20lb 1oz at Kingswood lake (Left).

Secondly was another chunky Kingswood mirror caught by Steve Barlow at 21lb 10oz (right).

Steve Barlow 21lb 10oz Mirror Kingswood June 2017 2

Finally we have this cracking 22lb 3oz Common caught by Ben Roche, Ben is a new memberĀ and has been fishing the turf regularly to catch one of the better fish and I his words hes now buzzing following this capture!!

Ben Roche 22lb 3oz Turf Pool June 2017 (2)

Well done to all and thanks for sending in your pictures!

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