10 Feb 2020

Calfheath Stocking Feb 2020

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As part of our ongoing stocking plans at Blackfords, we recently received another 2,500 sliver Bream from Priory Fisheries of around 10 inches in length, as you will see from the pictures the fish were of a really high quality and looked extremely healthy, exactly what we’ve come to expect from our suppliers!

In recent years we’ve stocked around 5,300 Bream, with this stocking thats now a total of 7,800 introduced into Calfheath over the past 3 years, not bad at all!

Hopefully this recent stocking will really benefit our pleasure & match anglers who are just looking to get some action all year round. We will continue to monitor fish stocking levels at Calfheath and ensure were provide quality fishing for all our members.

Many Thanks

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